Harvey's Brewery Tour

This summer, join us for an unforgettable social evening at Harvey's Brewery on Wednesday 10th July 2024. We invite you to experience the rich history and craftsmanship behind one of England's oldest independent breweries, nestled amidst the charming streets and alleyways in the heart of Lewes, East Sussex. Perfect for beer enthusiasts, history buffs, and curious minds alike, this event promises a fascinating experience steeped in tradition, heritage, and unrivaled craftsmanship.

Photo of Harvey's Brewery iconic building in Lewes

Embark on a captivating journey through time as you explore the historic brewery building, where traditional brewing methods meet modern innovation. Led by a knowledgeable guide, Hamish Elder (Joint Managing Director), this special private tour for our society offers an immersive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the brewing process, from the malting floor to the fermentation tanks.

Photo of Copper Vessel in Harvey's Brewery

Witness the magic unfold as you stroll through the brewhouse, fermenting rooms, and age-old cellars, where oak casks impart distinct flavours to the renowned Harvey's ales. Marvel at the majestic copper vessels gleaming in the brewhouse, where time-honoured techniques meld seamlessly with modern technology to create the perfect brew. Learn about the finest locally sourced ingredients and meticulous techniques that have defined Harvey's brewing excellence for centuries.

Delve into the secrets of barrel aging as you wander through the atmospheric cellars, where oak casks patiently nurture Harvey's signature ales to perfection. Learn about the nuances of temperature, time, and tradition that infuse each brew with depth, complexity, and unparalleled taste.

Beyond the brews, the tour offers a glimpse into the storied past of Lewes and its enduring love affair with ale. Discover fascinating anecdotes from centuries gone by, from medieval brewing guilds to wartime resilience up to the modern-day revival, with fire and floods along the way.

To conclude the evening, indulge your senses with exclusive tastings of Harvey's award-winning ales, from the classic Sussex Best Bitter to seasonal specialities, all included with your ticket. £15 for tickets with 20% discount for LAS members (£12). Adults only. Tickets are now SOLD OUT

We will meet at 6:15pm in the rear yard of the brewery in Phoenix Causeway, BN7 2JW. Parking is free after 5pm at the Phoenix Causeway Car Park.

We look forward to sharing this enjoyable and memorable experience together. For any enquiries, please contact us at events@lewesas.org.uk