Committee Membership

This page provides an overview of our committee membership, including the core and some optional positions, likely duties and mandatory obligations.

The Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer shall normally comprise the core positions on the LAS committee. Other positions are optional to help the society function effectively. This information is not intended to mandate the structure of the committee nor form any particular policy. The specified duties are guidelines only; they are desirable goals rather than binding responsibilites. The tasks undertaken by any individual are shaped according to their own strengths, experience and abilities. In reality, a committee member can have more or less duties, some duties may be shared with other committee members or delegated to regular society members. There can be more positions than specified on this page.

The following obligations are reasonably expected of everyone serving on the committee:

  • Familiarise themselves with society's online presence and its governing constitution.
  • Attend committee meetings and actively participate in decision-making processes.
  • Attend society events outlined in our programme and assist in their organisation and execution.
  • Contribute expertise, knowledge, and ideas to discussions.
  • Complete assigned tasks or projects within the scope of their position on the committee.
  • Collaborate with other committee members to achieve the goals of the society.
  • Represent the interests of the society and of any organisations with whom it is affiliated.
  • Check and respond to electronic communications at least once per week, as appropriate.
  • Adhere to security and safety policies at all times for the well-being and protection of themselves and others.
  • Give prior notice to the Chair and/or Secretary if unable to fulfill any of the aforementioned obligations.

These basic obligations help to ensure that we can collectively uphold the standards and expectations integral to the committee's effectiveness and success. Non-compliance may lead to immediate termination of committee membership.

We want to build a diverse and dynamic team. If you want to be part of that team, we invite you to send an email expressing your interest to Not only can voluntary work experience enhance your professional career prospects, but you will become part of a friendly team, where you can acquire new skills, expand your network, and ultimately make a positive impact within our community. You don't need to be an expert in astronomy, you just need enthusiasm!


(1) Provide overall leadership
(2) Top-level point of contact for external parties
(3) Represent the committee to higher authorities
(4) Preside over meetings
(5) Welcome members and introduce speakers
(6) Can be an honorary title without any day-to-day responsibility for the running of the society


(1) Liaise with press and other news media
(2) Set meeting agendas and schedules
(3) Facilitate meetings and ensure productive discussions
(4) Assign tasks and responsibilities to committee members
(5) Represent the committee to higher authorities
(6) Provide overall direction and guidance to the committee
(7) Chair committee meetings and AGM
(8) Provide leadership to the committee and membership
(9) Central contact for members and outside parties
(10) Welcome members and introduce speakers


(1) Prepare agendas for committee meetings and AGM
(2) Take minutes of the meetings, recording discussions and decisions
(3) Distribute meeting agendas, minutes, and relevant documents to committee members
(4) Maintain records and documentation related to the committee's activities
(5) Manage correspondence and communication related to the committee
(6) Keep records of past meetings


(1) Develop and manage the committee's budget
(2) Keep track of financial transactions and records
(3) Provide financial reports to the committee and members
(4) Ensuring compliance with financial regulations and policies
(5) Maintain financial records and prepare statements as required
(6) Make all necessary payments and pay-in fees, donations or other income
(7) Ensure that accounts are approved at AGM
(8) Provide guidance on best use of funds and reserves
(9) Pay speakers fees and travel expenses

Web Developer

(1) Create, curate, edit and proofread web content
(2) Design and layout web pages for multiple platforms, browsers and devices
(3) Keep website up-to-date with relevant content and pages
(4) Renew domain names and hosting for website and email as necessary
(5) Ensure compliance with GDPR and privacy of users
(6) Maintain secure list of accounts, email addresses and passwords as necessary for members, subscribers, website and cloud storage
(7) Publish mailshots to members and subscribers

Outreach Officer

(1) Be a point of contact for Schools, Scouting, Guiding and other educational organisations
(2) Arrange events and activities, gathering support from membership
(3) Ensure that responsibility and safety for young people at events is unambiguous
(4) Ensure that risk assessment is carried out and recorded
(5) Check whether event is covered by society PLI insurance or the other insurance

Membership Secretary

(1) Manage database of members’ contact details and payments
(2) Coordinate renewal process and send welcome information to new members
(3) Ensure that GDPR policy is followed for new member’s data and those leaving the society
(4) Distribute membership cards

Programme Manager

(1) Arrange schedule of talks and other activities
(2) Liaise with potential speakers and coordinate with the committee
(3) Ensure the programme is kept up-to-date and published internally and externally

Events Coordinator

(1) Plan and coordinate special events
(2) Liaise with all interested parties
(3) Promote and market events
(4) On-site management
(5) Post-event evaluation

Newsletter Editor

(1) Create, curate, edit and proofread newsletter content
(2) Design and layout pages for newsletters and presentations
(3) Ensure timely publication of newsletters

Social Media Manager

(1) Maintain and promote the society's social media sites
(2) Create and curate content
(3) Manage the posting schedule
(4) Engage with followers and users
(5) Monitor analytics and performance
(6) Implement strategies to enhance the society's online presence

Inclusivity & Diversity Officer

(1) Foster an inclusive and welcoming environment where members from all backgrounds feel respected, valued, and included
(2) Implement anti-discrimination policies
(3) Address instances of discrimination or prejudice
(4) Advocate for members' best interests and concerns regarding leadership and decision-making processes
(5) Raise awareness of issues adversely affecting members
(6) Lobby for changes in society policies or practices to improve member satisfaction
(7) Ensure members voices are heard and respected
(8) Encourage members to connect with each other, share experiences, and provide mutual assistance and encouragement
(9) Stay informed about current trends, best practices, and legal regulations related to member welfare

Generic Roles

(1) Undertake regular marketing activities
(2) Meet and greet people at meetings
(3) Collect visitor fees at meetings
(4) Keep attendance sheet for meetings for society records and in order to comply with fire regulations
(5) Procure refreshments for our meetings, and serve them to attendees